Verinag is situated at a distance of approximately 80 kms from Srinagar. Accessed through a link road, it is located at a height of 1,876 m. The Verinag spring can also be approached through the link road, which turns off, from the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway at Lower Munda.

It is believed that the Verinag spring in Kashmir is the chief and venerated source of the River Jhelum. There is an octagonal base at the spring, surrounded by a covered passage. The Mughal Emperor Jehangir started the construction work on both the base as well as the arcade. It was during the reign of Emperor Shah Jahan that the work was completed. There are remains of Mughal pavilion and baths down the stream to the east. The Verinag spring, named after Nila Nag, the son of the famous Hindu sage Kashyap Rishi, to whom, goes the credit of establishing the territory of Jammu and Kashmir is one of the principal tourist attractions of a tour to Verinag.

The spring, which was originally shaped in a circular form was given a change of shape during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir in 1620, when he gave orders to renovate the spring in the Mughal traditional shape of an octagon. Today, picturesque in its settings and surrounded by tall Pine trees, the Verinag spring is characterized by waters which are calm and sparklingly clear. Besides the spring, a tour to Verinag is made significantly special by the sight of several varieties of colorful flowers, gently swaying to the rhythm of the cool, mountain air. The Mughal Emperor Jehangir built an octagonal stone basin at the spring in 1612 AD. Later his son Shah Jahan laid out a beautiful garden and a pleasure house around it. The carvers for the construction of the spring were brought from Iran. The circumference of the spring is 80 m and is over 15 m deep. Verinag is reputed never to dry up or overflow.

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