The Tso-Kar Lake also known as 'White Lake' is one of the three high altitude salt water lakes in Ladakh

. The Tso-Kar Lake is known as 'White Lake' because the white salt of the water deposits all over the lake shores. Tso-kar Lake is the smallest lake among the three important lakes in Ladakh. Tso-kar Lake is situated in Rupshu Valley, about 250 kms southeast from its principle town, Leh. Tso-kar Lake is located at an altitude of 4660m/15280ft in the Changthang region of South Eastern Ladakh. Tso-kar Lake is at a distance of around 50 kms from the Tso-moriri Lake. The Tso-Kar lake is very popular with bird watchers. The area surrounding Tso-kar lake is rich with wildlife and birds. The Tso-Lake is surrounded by the marshlands that host amazing bird life which include Brahmni ducks, bar-headed geese and the great crested grebe. But the main attraction among the bird life at Tso Kar is black-necked cranes. The black necked cranes, known for their fidelity, come to Tso Kar to lay eggs. These birds make an amazing site when they takeoff over the green, picturesque plains on the backdrop of snow-clad mountains. Besides birdwatchers, Tso Kar also attracts a lot of wildlife lovers. The most easily spotted mammals here are Kiangs, the largest of the wild asses. The hills and mountains around Tso Kar are also home to ibex, snow foxes and snow leopards. Surrounded by hills and mountains on all sides, the lake itself gives a wonderful scenic and amazing view. The Tso-Kar area is inhabited by the Khampas, a nomadic group that live in large tents in summers, and in solid stone huts to brave the winter. Known as Chinese cowboys, they are basically herdsmen and rear cattle such as yaks, cows and goats. These nomads also called as Rupsa Chang, have been selling this salt in nearby regions for years to obtain goods from other parts of Ladakh. The views at Tso Kar, just as breathtaking as they are during the day, can be even more exciting during the night, with the mountains around shining in the glow of moonlight. The lake looks up to an endless sea of mountains. The Lake has bewitching beauty that keeps you hooked all your life.

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